Celebration Samba

Unleashing Rhythm
A lively troop serving up heart-thumping rhythms that stir the soul!


Celebration Samba get together on Thursday nights for rehearsals.

Rehearsals take place at:

Ivy Arch Studios,
5B Ivy Arch Road,
West Sussex,
BN14 8BX

Day/Time of Rehearsals:

19.30 - 21.00


Founded in 2003 by Ivan and Janice, Celebration Samba embodies the soulful rhythms and vibrant energy of traditional Samba music.

In 1997, Ivan was captivated by the sound and spirit of a Samba band performing at an event in Hove. Eager to immerse himself in the dynamic world of Samba, he endeavored to join them. Although an immediate inclusion was not possible, Ivan remained undeterred. Over the ensuing years, he committed himself to an intensive exploration of Samba by attending several workshops.

By 1999, Ivan had joined a newly formed Samba band based in Shoreham, spending four enriching years with them and even ascending to the position of Mestre. As Ivan and Janice made Worthing their home, they envisaged a Samba band that would echo the rhythmic heartbeat of their new city. This idea simmered until 2002 when they finally decided to breathe life into their dream.

In November 2002, Ivan and Janice initiated the process of turning their vision into a reality. They organized a Samba workshop to gauge local interest in their venture, and the response was overwhelming. Bolstered by this encouragement, they invested in the necessary instruments and searched for a suitable rehearsal space for their budding band.

On January 23, 2003, the Sydney Walter Centre witnessed the inaugural rehearsal of Celebration Samba, with Ivan as the Mestre and Janice on the mid-surdo. A mere three months later, Celebration Samba debuted their captivating performance at the grand re-opening of Haskins Garden Centre.

Since their humble beginnings, Celebration Samba has flourished, showcasing their music at an array of events, from carnivals and festivals to church parades. Although Ivan and Janice have since stepped back from managing the band, their passion remains unwavering. They frequently participate in performances, with Ivan occasionally stepping up to Mestre, and Janice continuing to play her surdo with gusto.

Celebration Samba is proud to have reached the milestone of over 20 years, spreading the joy of Samba. The band looks forward to keeping the rhythm alive, inspiring audiences, and nurturing the spirit of Samba for many more years to come.

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